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Breaking up with the cable company pt 3


First things first, I don’t have 750 bucks laying around for this project so  I planned it in bits. I purchased each item as needed when I was ready for that step.

Step 1 –  Wire up the house.

I went on Amazon and bought a 1000ft roll of Cat5e cable. It cost meceiling $25 with shipping. Then I picked up the tools to terminate the line (plug part) and crimp the wires. All in all it cost me $75 for all the tools to cut, finish and run the cables and the cable itself.

I went up into the attic and started exploring. Inside my office I have a closet that I want to use as the HUB for my new system. I made sure there were no power lines in the attic above the closet area then came back down. From the closet, I took an 18 inch long drill bit and made a hole in the back of the closet to the attic. This is where the wires will meet the router.

It took me an entire day of crawling around from beam to beam in the attic, but after 9 hours or so I ran 2 lines to my bedroom, 2 back to my office, one to my living room and 2 out to the Mancave, the detached garage where I game and Podcast from.

wallsocketThen I made the job professional-like by adding an Ethernet jack to each room I  wanted a line in.Once that was done I pretty much called it a day cause my back was effin killin me.

I picked up a new modem and router from the local stores. Now, you don’t have to buy a modem, your cable company will lend you one, sometimes for a fee, sometimes free. I decided I wanted to get my own so I was aware of all the specs and so I got exactly what i was looking for. The modem is 8 ports of glorious gigabit speeds and the wireless is N-tastic. I hooked these bad boys up and fired up the computers to test em out.

So far so good. My house is now wired (and wireless) for fast, uninterrupted signals. This will be the backbone of framework on which my free media empire will run.


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