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Breaking up with the cable company pt 2


So, going back to the cable bill:

$140.31 / month for a bunch of crap my family doesn’t use.

Here is the new plan:

Roku, $99 – Roku is a streaming media box for your TV. It allows you to use your internet connection to watch streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and the others right to your TV in HD clarity. No fees for the box itself, but the services you choose may charge you monthly though there are a bunch of free channels to watch with limited or no commercials.

Digital antenna, $99 – Even though the broadcast networks switched from analog to digital signals a few years ago, you can still pick up a new antenna and keep watching for free, assuming you are within broadcast range. I happen to be 35 miles from Manhattan so no problem there. Channels 2 – 13 are covered.

Netflix and Hulu plus, ($8×2)=$16 / month– Each of these services allow you to stream movies and TV shows. Together they represent almost every single program you need to find. Hulu also started producing their own content which is pretty good too.

Internet service, $49.95 /month– I still need the internet to watch TV, but I need it for EVERY OTHER THING IN MY LIFE ANYWAY, so technically this isn’t a cost for watching TV, but since other people might not live on the internet like I do, I’ll include the cost here instead of on the business side of things.

Home network upgrade, $250- Since I will be relying on the internet for all of my home needs, I want to make sure I have the most up to date, fastest, most stable internet connections I can get. I’m new Cat5e intranet cables and wiring up the whole house. Then I’m installing a new router with better Wifi and more ports to connect all the new lines.

XBOX 360, Free – I already own a 360, if you have one of the new generation of consoles, you can download all of the streaming services to them and sign in. Youtube even has an app for Xbox now, good bye free time.

The Math:

So overall I’ll have to spend $750 on 2 Roku boxes, 3 Digital antennas and the rewire. Then my monthly bills will be $65.95 for Internet service, Netflix and Hulu.

$140.31- 65.95 = $74.36/ month in savings!

Ill be getting:

  • channels  2- 13 as usual with all the news and sports
  • all the movies and TV shows from Hulu and Netflix
  • function of a DVR for nearly anything I watch
  • New home network with faster speeds and less latency

This is a Win in my book. I can’t think of anything I’ll be losing out on in this scenario. If you want to watch and shows from cable channels you can do that too. Every TV station now has their own website and almost all of them allow you to watch shows there. If I miss Kevin Pereira  I can go to G4tv.com and watch all the KP i want.

So there’s the plan, now watch me implement it.


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