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3 Reasons to Do it yourself!


With the economy and Job market the way they have been, more people started do it yourself (DIY) projects instead of getting contractors involved. While it is in fact a good idea to use professionals from time to time, trying the project on your own can have its own rewards.

1. Money- Obviously it can be a whole lot cheaper to do things on your own. When dealing with contractors, you have to remember that they don’t get paid for the materials, they only make money on labor. For any given job they may charge you 100% – 200% of your materials cost in labor charges.

Example: It cost me nearly $2,000 to purchase the materials I needed for a new roof on my house. The contractor, who was cutting me a deal at the time, charged about the same for the labor. On occasion they will charge  3-4k for the same job. It all depends on extra work needed, how many jobs they have coming in and other factors.

2. Time – Now this could go both ways. It takes you longer to do the job than if you were to just pay someone to do it, but it can be done on YOUR schedule. You don’t have to make appointments, get measurements done, and try to time deliveries with the work crews. You can wait it out and do it when you need to or when you can find time.

Example: I got a quote for a tile floor. The labor on the job was quoted at $2,400 assuming no “extra work” had to be done. They were going to take three days for the job. One for the sub floor, one for the tile and one to grout, and a fourth if I wanted it sealed. That means I would have to be home for the crew for four days in a row, missing work and any social invites. Then try keeping cats off your floors for a few minutes let alone days. What if they had to reschedule or what if the delivery was late? More time off work, more time fighting kitties. Not worth it. I did it my self when I had time and took a few MONTHS to finish it. I kept it cat print free learned a new skill or five and saved around $3,500 in expenses and lost wages.

3. Satisfaction – The most valuable thing in my opinion. Sure it took me months to finish the floor, but it pays me back every time I enter the room. The feeling of accomplishing something that you never thought you could do is quite nice and I feel that way every time I see the floor now.  The complements I get from friends and co workers help too 🙂  .

What reasons can you think of to do a job yourself?


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