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A great big Hiatus and the return of me.

Any one who followed my site last year probably noticed that it went away. I had a problem with Register.com, lost my domain and had to start fresh again. It did not go well.  Life got hard for awhile, I got a promotion at work that took up a great deal more of my time. I purchased a house and had a LOT of work to do on it and my life became increasingly hectic. With the Global financial meltdown quickly getting worse, I felt it was not the right time for me, an amateur, to be spouting off ideas about finance to people who are here for education and advice. That would have been inappropriate and could have led some desperate people seeking help down the wrong path.

Things have settled down. It’s a new year. My life has changed dramatically since I last posted on this particular blog. It’s time to catch up with my few remaining subscribers and refocus on what matters.

I’m back.