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Don’t die broke and alone


Back in our parents generation things were simple. Get a job, earn a pension, maintain a savings account, buy a house and retire on that pension and paid off home.

Those were the days.

Big companies, long touted for their excellent retirement packages, have turned to reducing or eliminating benefits completely. Couple that with the fact that social security will be out of money in a few years and you see a bleak outlook for the upcoming generation of retirees. What this tells us, is that our generation will be the first to have to provide our own retirement packages. Although it seems that big business has screwed us once again, ……..well OK, they have.

So how do you survive the long haul when you can’t work anymore? Invest in you’re future now while you have income. There are many options to use to build personal wealth and you my friend, are going to have to use them all. I’ll go over what each option is and amend this article as I add new choices for you to go over, but for now, let’s hit the big ones:


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